Where in the world ...

... are we facing cosmic horror this week?

1Tue 29 Nov 2016Tony'sIntro
2Tue 06 Dec 2016Dom'sSanitarium
3Tue 13 Dec 2016Mark'sDoodles
4Tue 20 Dec 2016Dom'sDoctor
5Tue 03 Jan 2017Dom'sDinner
6Tue 10 Jan 2017Tony'sRoyal Society
7Tue 17 Jan 2017Mark'sTuck
8Tue 24 Jan 2017Dom'sLetter
9Tue 31 Jan 2017Tony'sWhistle
10Tue 07 Feb 2017Mark'sDelia's mother
 Tue 14 Feb 2017nope
11Tue 21 Feb 2017Dom'sLibrary
12Tue 28 Feb 2017Tony'sBooks
13Tue 07 Mar 2017Mark'sRehearsal
14Tue 21 Mar 2017Tony'sTolkein
15Tue 28 Mar 2017Dom'sSchild
16Tue 04 Apr 2017Mark'sSludge
17Tue 11 Apr 2017Tony'sByakhee!
18Tue 25 Apr 2017Dom'sGotcha
19Tue 02 May 2017Mark'sSiddons
20Tue 09 May 2017Dom'sSpells
21Tue 16 May 2017Tony'sOrderly
22Tue 23 May 2017Mark'sInspector
23Tue 13 Jun 2017Dom'sBacon
24Tue 20 Jun 2017Mark'sHouse
25Tue 27 Jun 2017Mark'sGhouls
26Tue 11 Jul 2017Tony'sHearing
27Tue 18 Jul 2017Dom'sMurder
28Tue 25 Jul 2017Mark'sPaintings
29Tue 01 Aug 2017Tony'sReading week
30Tue 15 Aug 2017Mark'sSpell

Andy's site may have more detail.

We used to have nameless horror, enemies within, legend of the five rings, achtung Cthulhu, raising the runelords instead.