Interface Summary
HexDumper.ByteSource Defines the data model used to construct a HexDumper.

Class Summary
ApplicationDetailViewer Extends DetailViewer to provide extensive information about nodes which supply certain generic data objects.
AsynchronousImageDisplay Subclasses the JSky ImageDisplay class to do tile calculations out of the event dispatch thread.
BasicAction Convenience class extending AbstractAction.
ByteList Extensible buffer of bytes.
CollapseArrayImpl Wraps an NDArray to provide another with fewer dimensions.
CollapseViewer Views a 3-dimensional array by collapsing it along one axis.
DemoDataNode A DataNode implementation which displays Treeview's known demo data directory.
DuplicateDataNode DataNode object which acts as a clone of an existing node.
GraphViewer Displays a graph plot of a one-dimensional data set.
GridPlotter A Component which displays a coordinate grid and frame selection panel for a given FrameSet and base frame bounds.
HexDumper A component which shows a hexadecimal plus character dump of a byte stream.
HTMLDocComponentMaker Adaptor class to turn an HTMLViewer into a ComponentMaker.
HTMLViewer Views an HTML document.
ImageViewPane This is the business end of an ImageViewer - it displays an image in an unadorned window, and generates a corresponding Plot object if WCS info is supplied.
NdxDisplayer Abstract class which encapsulates a service that can display NDXs.
ScalingPlot Draws an AST Plot which will paint itself to fill the actual size of the component.
SogNdxDisplayer NDX displayer which will display using SoG classes.
SplatNdxDisplayer NDX displayer which will display using SPLAT classes.
StaticTreeViewer Main class for the Treeview application.
StatsValues Calculates statistics for an NDArray.
StatsViewer Calculates and displays useful statistics for an array (pixel mean, total, variance etc).
TreeWriter Generates a textual representation of a tree of DataNodes.

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