Mark's John Peel Jukebox

The tracks listed here were assembled by me between the years 1991 and 2004. The great majority of them were recorded from John Peel's program on Radio 1 - I would record the whole program onto tape each night (starting my tape recorder on a timer if I was going to be out), and any tracks that interested me I'd copy from that tape onto another tape for posterity. Around 1998 I got an audio CD recorder, and I copied all the tapes I already had onto CDs and started saving the interesting bits off tape to CD instead. Some of the tracks are from other sources - Mixing It on Radio 3, bits of Radio 4 I came across, records belonging to people I knew that I was unlikely to get hold of myself, a very few bits of sonic doodling of my own, and so on. Altogether there's about 53 audio CDs = 900 tracks = 3 CDs of mono MP3s = ~50 hours of listening here. Since I'd spent many many happy hours over the last 20 years or so listening to the programs and standing in front of various recording devices copying bits of them from one medium to another, and since like so many other people who listened I felt I knew John personally (and in fact I did meet him a couple of times), I was very sad when he died in October 2004.

The audio quality of the tracks is patchy - many (and all the MP3s) are in mono, there's imperfect FM reception, the tape recorders I was using were of varying quality (and speed) etc.

There are two main sets of tracks here: the main one and a collection of cover versions. The latter has more non-Peel content, but is still mostly got from him (and inspired by a week's worth of programs he did in 1991 consisting entirely of cover versions). Many of the tracks contain Peel chatting before/after/over the track; a few of them are just his comments. There's a separate short list of these below. The selection of tracks is, of course, idiosyncratic; like the Peel program itself, I can guarantee that whoever you are (a) you'll like some of them and (b) you won't like them all. The cover versions are pretty much any interesting covers of tracks that I know the original of - the weirder and less like the original the better.

In 2003 I copied all the tracks from CD to MP3s, by way of backup as much as anything else. It would be really nice, as a memorial to John, to make the whole lot available over the web to allcomers, but I'm a law-abiding chap and I don't wish to break anyone's copyright. In these listings a few of them are hyperlinked to the MP3 file, where I'm pretty sure that the copyright owner, if there is one, won't mind. If you're reading this and you're the copyright owner and object to a track thus linked being public, please tell me and I'll remove it immediately. Alternatively, if you're the copyright owner and don't mind me making it available from here and it's not, let me know and I'll make it public. If you're particularly interested in one of the tracks or the collection, get in touch and maybe I can let you have some for personal use only.

These pages are of course totallly unofficial, nothing to do with the BBC and nothing to do with making any money.

Here are the listings:

Mark Beauchamp Taylor