Interface Summary
ActivationType Defines a type of activation action that can be invoked on table rows.
Activator Defines an action to be performed on rows of a known table.
ActivatorConfigurator Defines a GUI component that the user can interact with to specify an activation action.

Class Summary
AbstractActivatorConfigurator Skeleton implementation of ActivatorConfigurator.
ActivationEntry Manages the GUI and behaviour for one entry in the list of activation options displayed in the ActivationWindow.
ActivationLogPanel Displays the results of activation actions.
ActivationLogPanel.Item Represents a complete or incomplete activation result.
ActivationMeta Additional information about the way a row activation request should be carried out.
ActivationWindow A window which allows configuration of activation actions.
BrowserActivationType ActivationType for displaying a resource in a browser.
ConfigState Object that can preserve the state of a collection of GUI components in a way that is easy to de/serialize.
CutoutActivationType Activation type for showing an image from one of a fixed list of cutout services.
DelayActivationType ActivationType that introduces a delay.
DownloadActivationType Activation type that downloads a URL to local storage.
GenericViewImageActivationType ActivationType for displaying an image in the internal viewer.
InvokeDatalinkActivationType ActivationType for invoking individual rows of a Datalink Links-response table.
JelActivationType ActivationType that allows user to execute custom code using TOPCAT's expression language.
LoadTableActivationType Activation type for loading a table into the TOPCAT application.
NopActivationType Activation type which does nothing.
PlotTableActivationType Activation type that opens a plot window for use with a table whose location is supplied.
RegionViewImageActivationType ActivationType for displaying an image with a highlighted region in an internal viewer.
SampSender Takes care of sending SAMP messages from activation methods.
SendImageActivationType ActivationType for displaying a FITS image in an external viewer.
SendIndexActivationType ActivationType implementation for sending row index via SAMP.
SendSkyPosActivationType ActivationType implementation that sends sky coordinates to other applications using SAMP.
SendSpectrumActivationType ActivationType for displaying a spectrum in an external viewer.
SendTableActivationType ActivationType for sending a VOTable to an external application.
ServiceActivationType Activation type for invoking a ServiceDescriptor-described service.
ShellActivationType Activation type for executing an OS command.
SkyPosConfigurator Partial ActivatorConfigurator implementation for activators that do something with sky position columns.
SkyPosConfigurator.SkyPosActivator Partial activator implementation for use with SkyPosConfigurator.
TopcatModelInfo Summarises information about a TopcatModel that may be useful for determining whether and how to configure activation actions for it.
TopcatSkyPosActivationType Activation type that sends sky coordinates to other windows in the TOPCAT application.
UrlColumnConfigurator Partial ActivatorConfigurator implementation for activators that view the location (URL) in a table column using some viewer application.
UrlColumnConfigurator.LocationColumnActivator Utility class providing a partial Activator implementation for UrlColumnConfigurators that want a location (file or URL) value.
UrlColumnConfigurator.UrlColumnActivator Utility class providing a partial Activator implementation for UrlColumnConfigurators that want an actual URL value.
ViewDatalinkActivationType Activation type for viewing a downloaded table as a DataLink file.
ViewDatalinkActivationType.DatalinkConfigurator Configurator implementation for Datalink.
ViewImageActivationType ActivationType for displaying an image in an internal viewer.

Enum Summary
ActivationLogPanel.Status Status of completed activation action.
ColFlag Used to mark columns in a TopcatModelInfo as apparently having some characteristic or other.
Suitability Enum defining suitability levels for the use of a particular ActivationType with a given TopcatModel.

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