Interface Summary
Activity Superinterface for objects which can direct interoperability communications to one or more target applications based on the selection in a combo box model.
ImageActivity Activity for sending an image of some sort to load.
ImageViewer Defines the function of viewing an image.
RowActivity Activity for making single row selections.
SkyPointActivity Activity for indicating a point on the sky.
SpectrumActivity Activity for sending a spectrum to load.
SubsetActivity Activity for making multiple row selections.
TopcatCommunicator Abstract interface for inter-application messaging requirements of TOPCAT.
Transmitter Interface for an action which notionally sends some information from this application to one or more other applications.

Class Summary
DisabledTransmitter Transmitter implementation which is permanently disabled.
PlasticCommunicator TopcatCommunicator which uses PLASTIC as the messaging protocol.
PlasticImageActivity ImageActivity implementation using PLASTIC for the external communications.
SampCommunicator TopcatCommunicator implementation based on SAMP.
SampImageActivity ImageActivity implementation using SAMP for the external communications.
SampWindow Window for display of SAMP operations.
SelectivePlasticListModel Implements a ListModel based on an existing ListModel which is taken to contain (PLASTIC) ApplicationItem objects.
SendManager Provides a ComboBoxModel allowing selection of SAMP clients subscribed to a given MType.
TablePullHandler Message handler for table pull messages.
TableSendActionManager SendActionManager which will transmit a table.
TopcatPlasticListener Implements the PlasticListener interface on behalf of the TOPCAT application.
TopcatSampControl Provides TOPCAT's SAMP functionality.
TopcatServer Provides HTTP server functionality for TOPCAT.
TopcatTransmitter Extends PlasticTransmitter for TOPCAT use, just decorating its actions and menus with suitable icons.

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