Interface Summary
DalMultiService Defines service-type-specific aspects of how to do a multiple query against a positional (cone-like) DAL service.

Class Summary
CdsTableSelector Component that allows the user to select table names for use with the CDS X-Match service.
CdsUploadMatchWindow Window for doing upload sky matches using the CDS X-Match service.
ConeMultiWindow DalMultiWindow subclass for Cone Search services.
CoverageView Small component which gives a visual representation of a coverage area.
DalMultiPanel Component for performing a multicone-type join between a selected input table and a remote DAL service.
DalMultiWindow Window for executing a multiple query type match between an input table and a remote DAL service.
InterMatchSpec MatchSpec for performing matches between multiple tables.
IntraMatchSpec MatchSpec for matching between rows of a given table.
JoinFixSelector Component for selecting a column renaming policy, used when joining tables.
Match1TypeSelector Component which allows the user to select a Match1Type from a list of options.
MatchOption Enumeration class defining requirements on table rows for constructing a matched table.
MatchPlotter Prepares a plot based on the inputs and outputs of a crossmatch operation.
MatchSpec Abstract class defining general characteristics of a component which can perform some sort of matching action and present itself graphically.
MatchWindow Window for selecting the characteristics of and invoking a match (table join) operation.
OutputRequirements Defines the per-table requirements for type of output in a multi-table match.
OverlapCoverage Footprint implementation that represents the overlap of two other footprints.
PairMatchSpec MatchSpec for performing matches between pairs of tables.
PairModeSelector Panel for selecting matching mode for a pairwise crossmatch.
ParameterEditor Graphical component which can edit in place a DescribedValue.
ParameterPanel Graphical component which allows editing of any matching parameters associated with a match engine.
SiaMultiWindow DalMultiWindow subclass for Simple Image Access services.
SsaMultiWindow DalMultiWindow subclass for Simple Spectral Access services.
UploadFindMode Mode for upload crossmatches corresponding to the user options.
UploadMatchPanel Panel that allows the user to specify and execute an upload-match operation using the CDS X-Match service.
ValueCodec Encodes and decodes values for a ValueInfo between different string representations.

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