Interface PointStore

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CartesianPointStore, SphericalPolarPointStore

public interface PointStore
extends Points

Extends the Points interface to provide a facility for storing points as well as retrieving them. To populate this object with point values, the storePoint(java.lang.Object[], java.lang.Object[], java.lang.String) method must be called once for each point in sequence. Points cannot in general be re-written. Implementation classes may have rules about what sequence methods must be called in, for instance whether all the writes must be performed before any of the read methods can be used.

29 Mar 2007
Mark Taylor

Method Summary
 void storePoint(Object[] coordRow, Object[] errorRow, String label)
          Stores the next point in sequence to this object.
Methods inherited from interface
getCount, getErrors, getLabel, getNdim, getNerror, getPoint, hasLabels

Method Detail


void storePoint(Object[] coordRow,
                Object[] errorRow,
                String label)
Stores the next point in sequence to this object. The lengths of the arrays supplied here are not necessarily the same as those returned by the Points.getNdim() and Points.getNerror() methods, since there may be some translation between the arrays.

The PointSelection submits rows here as retrieved directly from the AxesSelector AxesSelector.getData() and AxesSelector.getErrorData() tables.

coordRow - array of objects representing coordinate values
errorRow - array of objects representing error values
label - string labelling the point

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