Class XYZoomRegion

  extended by
      extended by

public abstract class XYZoomRegion
extends ZoomRegion

ZoomRegion for zooming in two dimensions (X-Y). A drag in both positive graphics coordinate directions (down and right) is a zoom in (magnifying), and a drag in both negative directions (up and left) is a zoom out.

28 Mar 2006
Mark Taylor
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Constructor Summary
XYZoomRegion(Rectangle display)
          Constructs a new XY zoom region.
Method Summary
 ZoomDrag createDrag(Component comp, Point start)
          Returns a new ZoomDrag object appropriate for this region.
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Constructor Detail


public XYZoomRegion(Rectangle display)
Constructs a new XY zoom region.

display - rectangle defining the region for both dragging and visual feedback
Method Detail


public ZoomDrag createDrag(Component comp,
                           Point start)
Description copied from class: ZoomRegion
Returns a new ZoomDrag object appropriate for this region.

Specified by:
createDrag in class ZoomRegion
comp - component on which the drag is taking place
start - start point for the drag
new drag object

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