Interface Summary
AxesSelector Defines an object which provides column selectors for a plot.
MutableStyleSet Extension of the StyleSet interface which allows entries to be changed.
Points Encapsulates a list of N-dimensional points in data space, perhaps with additional information about error bounds.
PointStore Extends the Points interface to provide a facility for storing points as well as retrieving them.
ZoomDrag Defines a currently active zoom drag gesture.

Class Summary
AnnotationPanel Transparent component for adding additional decoration to an existing plot component.
AugmentedAxesSelector AxesSelector implementation that wraps an existing one and adds some auxiliary axes of its own.
AuxLegendZoomRegion ZoomRegion for use with an AuxLegend.
AxisDataSelector Graphical component allowing selection of one or more columns required for plotting data along one axis of a graph.
AxisEditor Axis configuration editor component.
AxisWindow Dialogue window containing one or more AxisEditor components.
AxisZoomRegion ZoomRegion for zooming in one dimension (X or Y).
BarStyleEditor Style editor for histogram bars.
BlobPanel Component which allows the user to draw a blob using the mouse.
Cartesian3DWindow Graphics window for viewing 3D scatter plots using Cartesian coordinates.
CartesianAxesSelector AxesSelector implementation which deals with the straightforward case in which the returned data table consists of the columns selected from the selector's table.
CartesianPointStore PointStore implementation used for storing coordinate information about from Cartesian point selection.
CentreZoomRegion ZoomRegion implementation for a zoom around the centre of the display region.
ColumnDataTable Table class built up from ColumnData objects.
ConstantColumnData ColumnData implementation which always returns the same Double value.
CountsLabel Component whose text gives a number of (name, count) pairs.
CutChooser Widget for selecting lower and upper percentiles for image display.
DensityStyleEditor StyleEditor for density plots.
DensityWindow Graphics window which displays a density plot, that is a 2-dimensional histogram.
ErrorModeSelectionModel Model for selecting ErrorMode values.
GraphicsWindow Abstract superclass for windows doing N-dimensional plots of table data.
HistogramWindow GraphicsWindow which presents one-dimensional data as a histogram.
LabelledAxesSelector AxesSelector implementation which wraps an existing one and adds a point label axis of its own.
LinesStyleEditor StyleEditor implementation for suitable for a LinesPlot.
LinesWindow GraphicsWindow which draws a stack of line graphs.
LogSlider Simple logarithmic slider.
MarkStyleEditor StyleEditor implementation for editing MarkStyle objects.
OrderedSelectionRecorder ListSelectionListener implementation which can tell you what order items have been selected in.
Plot3DWindow Graphics window for viewing 3D scatter plots.
PlotStatsLabel Component which reports on the number of points plotted and not plotted by listening for plot events.
PlotWindow Window which displays a scatter plot of two columns from a table.
PointSelection Encapsulates the selection of the list of points which is to be plotted.
PointSelection.TableMask Struct-type class which defines an association of a TopcatModel and a BitSet.
PointSelector Component for choosing a table, a number of columns and a selection of row subsets.
PointSelectorSet Component which keeps track of a number of PointSelector objects.
PoolStyleSet StyleSet which obtains styles from a base StyleSet, but only dispenses ones which are not already used.
PositionLabel Component whose text gives the current position of the mouse on a given plot surface.
PositionReporter MouseMotionListener which acts on mouse movement events to provide the position of the pointer in PlotSurface data coordinates.
RoundingSpinner JSpinner subclass which goes up or down using round numbers.
RoundingSpinner.RoundingSpinnerModel Spinner model used for a rounding spinner.
SetId Characterises a plottable set of points selected within a PointSelector.
SizeWrapper Wraps a component so that it assumes the same size as its container.
SphereWindow Graphics window for viewing 3D scatter plots using spherical polar coordinates.
SphericalAxesSelector AxesSelector implementation which queries for spherical polar coordinates and yields 3D Cartesian ones.
SphericalPolarPointStore PointStore implementation for storing spherical polar data.
StyleEditor Graphical component which provides a GUI for editing the characteristics of a Style object.
StyleWindow Dialogue which houses a StyleEditor.
SurfaceZoomRegionList List of zoom regions for use with a SurfacePlot.
WeightedAxesSelector AxesSelector implementation which adds a weighting axis to the basic ones.
XYZoomRegion ZoomRegion for zooming in two dimensions (X-Y).
Zoomer Mouse listener which can manufacture zoom requests on the basis of mouse gestures.
ZoomRegion Defines a region for use with a Zoomer object.

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