Class HealpixLayerControl

  extended by
      extended by
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All Implemented Interfaces:
Configger, Control, LayerControl

public class HealpixLayerControl
extends BasicCoordLayerControl

LayerControl for plotting Healpix tile sets.

20 Apr 2016
Mark Taylor

Constructor Summary
HealpixLayerControl( plotter, TypedListModel<TopcatModel> tablesModel,<ZoneId> zsel, Configger baseConfigger)
Method Summary[] getLegendEntries()
          Returns legend entries associated with this control.
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Constructor Detail


public HealpixLayerControl( plotter,
                           TypedListModel<TopcatModel> tablesModel,
                 <ZoneId> zsel,
                           Configger baseConfigger)

plotter - healpix plotter
tablesModel - list of available tables
zsel - zone id specifier, may be null for single-zone case
baseConfigger - provides global configuration info
Method Detail


public[] getLegendEntries()
Description copied from interface: LayerControl
Returns legend entries associated with this control.

Specified by:
getLegendEntries in interface LayerControl
getLegendEntries in class BasicCoordLayerControl
legend entries

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