Class OptionalConfigSpecifier

  extended by<>
      extended by
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public class OptionalConfigSpecifier
extends ConfigSpecifier

ConfigSpecifier subclass that adds checkboxes for some of its component specifiers, indicating whether those specifiers should be used for the result or not. Where they are not used, the relevant GUI controls are disabled.

This is quite like AutoConfigSpecifier, but the override value is not reflected in the GUI. Perhaps the two classes should be combined?

18 Mar 2013
Mark Taylor

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Constructor Summary
OptionalConfigSpecifier(<?>[] allKeys,<?>[] optKeys, String optionText)
Method Summary
 void configureFrom(OptionalConfigSpecifier template)
          Configures this specifier with the current state of a supplied template. getSpecifiedValue()
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Constructor Detail


public OptionalConfigSpecifier(<?>[] allKeys,
                     <?>[] optKeys,
                               String optionText)

allKeys - all of the keys
optKeys - subset of allKeys which should be annotated with activation checkboxes; any entries not contained in allKeys are ignored
optionText - text to annotate the checkboxes
Method Detail


public getSpecifiedValue()
Specified by:
getSpecifiedValue in interface<>
getSpecifiedValue in class ConfigSpecifier


public void configureFrom(OptionalConfigSpecifier template)
Configures this specifier with the current state of a supplied template.

template - specifier supplying required configuration

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