Interface Summary
CartesianRanger Defines an object that can characterise a surface as an N-dimensional hypercube.
Configger Source of a config map.
ConfigSpecifier.ComponentGui GUI component policy.
Control User interaction component that can appear in a ControlStack.
ControlManager Abstracts the provision of plotting controls for the plotting GUI.
Factory<T> Simple interface for deferred production of an object.
Figure Defines an area on the graphics surface, including criteria for determining whether a given point is or is not included in it.
FigureMode Defines how a figure is constructed from a user-supplied set of vertices in graphics space.
LayerControl Control subinterface for controls that can contribute PlotLayers to the plot.
MultiController.ControllerFactory<C> Defines how to interact with members of this class's controller type.
PlotExporter.IconFactory Defines an object that can supply an icon for exporting.
PlotTypeGui<P,A> Provides PlotType-specific aspects of the GUI, used by the generic PlotWindow GUI.
ZoneDef<P,A> Supplies information about the content and configuration of a plot on a single plot surface.
ZoneFactory Defines how ZoneIDs are produced for use in a multi-plotting context.
ZoneId Marker interface for identifying one zone of a multi-zone plot.

Class Summary
ActionSpecifierPanel Decorates a SpecifierPanel with Clear and Submit buttons.
AutoConfigSpecifier Extends ConfigSpecifier to decorate some of its component specifiers as AutoSpecifiers.
AutoSpecifier<T> Decorates a specifier with an Auto button.
AxisController<P,A> Object which configures details of a plot's axes, including surface aspect and ranges.
BasicCoordLayerControl LayerControl for a single plotter with coordinates.
BlobPanel2 Component which allows the user to draw a blob using the mouse.
CartesianAxisController<P,A> Abstract superclass for simple Cartesian plots.
ConfigControl Control implementation which uses tabs and contains one or more ConfigSpecifiers as the user interaction component.
ConfigSpecifier Specifier which supplies a ConfigMap.
ConfigStyler Manages creation of PlotLayers from Plotters by turning ConfigMaps into appropriate Style instances.
ControlStack List component that contains Control objects.
ControlStackModel ListModel for the control stack.
ControlStackPanel Panel which displays a list of control summaries in a list on one side, and an area for showing the control interaction areas on the other side.
CoordPanel GUI component for entry of Coord values as table column expressions.
CoordSpotter Defines criteria for identifying a matching tuple of coordinates from a list of ValueInfos.
CountDataStore Wrapper data store implementation used only for counting the number of tuples requested from it.
CubeAxisController Axis control for cube plot.
CubePlotWindow Layer plot window for 3D Cartesian plots.
DatalessLayerControl Minimal LayerControl implementation.
FigurePanel Component which allows the user to identify a region by selecting vertices using the mouse.
FloatManager Manages components which may either be contained in the same window, or one of which may be floated out into a separate dialogue.
FormControl Control for providing coordinate and configuration information additional to base position coords and config.
FormLayerControl Plot layer control which manages coordinates and subsets in a common way for multiple layers defined by one or more forms.
FormStylePanel GUI component for acquiring style information for a plot for each row subset of a particular table.
FrameControl Control for defining characteristics of the external frame within which the plot is painted.
FunctionLayerControl Layer control for plotting functions.
GroupControlManager Control manager that uses FormLayerControls to provide panels that allow you to enter the position values once for a given table and then go to other tabs in the control to customise the layers generated.
GuiCoordContent Aggregates user-supplied information about a coordinate value used as input for a plot.
GuiDataSpec DataSpec implementation used by TOPCAT classes.
GuiDataStore DataStore wrapper implementation suitable for use from a GUI application.
GuiNavigationListener<A> Abstract NavigationListener subclass that works with a PlotPanel.
GuiPointCloud Collects a set of TableClouds together to provide a description of a collection of positions in a plot.
HealpixLayerControl LayerControl for plotting Healpix tile sets.
HistogramAxisController Axis control for histogram window.
HistogramPlotWindow Layer plot window for histograms.
InstantTipper MouseListener that, when installed on a component, causes tooltips to appear instantly and without dismissal.
LayerCommand Specifies the characteristics of a new plot layer to add to a plot.
LayerControlAction Action for adding a layer control to the plot stack.
LayerId Identifier object for PlotLayers.
LegendControl Control for defining legend characteristics.
MeasurePanel Overlay panel that can display annotated distance measurements between two user-specified points on the plot.
ModeFormControl FormControl implementation for a collection of ModePlotters.
MultiAxisController<P,A> MultiController that works with AxisController instances.
MultiConfigger Configger implementation that aggregates config entries from a number of subordinate configgers.
MultiController<C> Manaages control of controller objects that work with multiple plotting zones.
MultiFormLayerControl FormLayerControl in which forms can be added to and removed from a form stack under user control.
MultiShaderController MultiController that works with ShaderControl instances.
NavigationHelpPanel Provides a description of the available navigation gestures.
NextSupplier Manages centrally-dispensed value sets for one or more ConfigKeys.
OptionalConfigSpecifier ConfigSpecifier subclass that adds checkboxes for some of its component specifiers, indicating whether those specifiers should be used for the result or not.
PlaneAxisController Axis control for 2d Cartesian plot.
PlaneFigureMode FigureMode implementations for use with a PlanarSurface.
PlanePlotWindow Layer plot window for 2D Cartesian plots.
PlotExporter Provides a GUI for exporting a plot to an external format, generally to a file.
PlotPanel<P,A> Component which paints plot graphics for Topcat.
PlotPosition Characterises explicit settings for how to position a plot component in graphics coordinates.
PlotPositionSpecifier Specifier for a PlotPosition.
PositionCoordPanel GUI component for obtaining data position coordinates.
PositionCriterion Defines a true/false test on a data position.
ProgressDataStoreFactory DataStoreFactory wrapper which messages a progress bar model as row data is read from the tables to fill the store.
Progresser Manages use of a JProgressBar model.
ReportLogger Accepts plot reports on behalf of a layer control and reports them through the logging system.
ReportPanel Displays plot reports.
ShaderControl Control for configuring shader scale and axis characteristics.
SimpleFormControl Form control which works with a single fixed plotter.
SimplePositionCoordPanel Simple implementation of a PositionCoordPanel.
SingleFormLayerControl FormLayerControl in which a single fixed form control is used.
SkyAxisController AxisController for sky plot.
SkyFigureMode FigureMode implementations for use with a SkySurface.
SkyPlotWindow Layer plot window for sky coordinates.
SpectrogramLayerControl LayerControl for plotting spectrograms.
SpherePlotWindow Layer plot window for 3D plots with spherical polar coordinates.
SquarePusher Interactive component that allows you to drag a little rectangle round inside a big rectangle.
StackPlotWindow<P,A> Window for all plots.
StiltsControl Fixed Control implementation that can display a STILTS command to reproduce the currently visible plot.
StiltsDialog Dialog window that displays a STILTS command to reproduce the currently visible plot.
StiltsInvoker Defines a way of invoking the STILTS command.
StiltsMonitor Manages text display components for displaying a STILTS command that is supposed to replicate the plot visible in a PlotPanel.
SubsetConfigManager Maintains one configuration component each for a group of RowSubsets.
SubsetStack Provides a panel with a list of subsets and a configuration panel for each one.
TabberControl Control implementation that has a tabber as its panel.
TableCloud Point cloud representation for coordinates in a single table.
TablePlotDisplay Opens a plot window with access to a table that can be supplied without loading it into the TOPCAT application.
TimeAxisController Axis control for plot with a horizontal time axis.
TimePlotWindow Layer plot window for plots with a horizontal time axis.
TopcatLayer Aggregates a PlotLayer and some additional information about how it was configured.
ZoneFactories Utility class containing zone factory implementations.
ZoneIcon Icon that displays the position of a Zone within a Gang.

Enum Summary
PlotWindowType Enum defining the different plot window types.

Exception Summary
LayerException Exception thrown if a plot layer cannot be added as requested.

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