Sampload helper application

Sampload is a simple application that looks at the file (or URL) given in its command-line argument and sends it as a table or FITS image over SAMP to any suitable applications currently running. It is mainly intended as a helper application for use with web browsers, so you can use it as a viewer for VOTables, FITS image files, or CDF tables that appear in a web page. This can be used as a poor man's replacement for a SAMP-capable web page (which could register as a SAMP client and talk to the SAMP hub itself), but unlike Web SAMP, it will work with HTTPS pages as well as HTTP.

Here are some files you might want to load into a SAMP client:

If you click on one of them, your browser might ask you what to do with it:

Browser file download action popup window

If you choose the sampload helper application as above, you should then see something like:

SampLoad GUI popup window

Hit the Send button, and the file should get sent to the displayed SAMP application. Note: a hub and a suitable SAMP client have to be running for this to work. If e.g. TOPCAT (which contains its own hub) is running, this ought to work for downloading tables.

It works equally over HTTP or HTTPS, but it's only good for file load type actions, it can't mimic the various other options like bidirectional communication or finer control that a SAMP client running in the web page could achieve.

You can install it by downloading one of these files (easist listed first):

(in the above, $@ is shell syntax for the arguments presented to the script; in e.g. Windows you probably need to do something else)

Mark Taylor --
Git version: ba3678c (2019-09-19)